About us

Coffee farmers in PNG face several barriers to selling their coffee.

One is the distance between their farms and the buying stations where they sell their harvested coffee cherries. There is little infrastructure in rural areas and roads are often impassable. For women, it can be dangerous to travel and yet many farmers are forced to do so on foot for many miles carrying their harvest.

We want to change this system which unfairly disadvantages the coffee grower, and reduces their income.

In 2018, Jiwaka set up a specialty production process right in the village areas. We then take cars to pick up the coffee from the harvester.

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Training in best agricultural practices

Jiwaka has earmarked specific farmer coffee training to share scientific and methodical approaches to caring for the coffee trees and best agricultural practice.

With farms from anywhere between 245 to more than 6,000 coffee bushes, we support our farmers equally.

85% of our population are rural, remote subsistence farmers, so the "why" of doing anything is very important. It will take time and commitment but our farmers are our people. We are passionate about their holistic development and fair participation in the coffee market sector.