the tastes of PNG single origin coffees

Jiwaka Coffee supplies only the finest, single origin Arabica specialty coffee to the world, produced using sustainable practices and ensuring complete traceability from farm to customer.

We buy, process and export single origin, shade-grown, specialty heritage Arabica coffee from the Waghi Valley in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Jiwaka Coffee is a social enterprise working with 904 farmers from 11 villages.

For over 50 years, coffee has been cultivated across the almost 1,000 acres of our rich volcanic soils. The altitudes and climate are perfect for growing beans that result in coffee with fruit overtones - orange, melon and berries, medium acidity and a honey-like sweet aftertaste that lingers beautifully on the palate, cupping at over 86.

The bushes of Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Nova, Arusha, and Caturra line the valley slopes, terraced across coffee gardens and plantations. They cover the landscape in beautiful white flowers from October to January, followed by the vibrant, bright red cherries bursting with flavour during the harvest season from mid-February to June.

"For over 50 years, we have cultivated coffee across 1,000 acres of rich volcanic soils. The altitudes and climate are perfect for growing coffee with fruit overtones. You can taste orange, melon and berries, with medium acidity and a honey-like sweet aftertaste that lingers beautifully on the palate. Our coffee cups at 86+."

Emma Wakpi, Jiwaka founder

A social enterprise blending tradition and innovation

We are dedicated to sharing best agricultural and business practice and returning a greater proportion of coffee sales to the people who grow this valued commodity. We want to create dignity and respect through working with our People, caring for our Plant and facilitating an environment of Prosperity. We do this through the contextualisation and dissemination of information that will enable farmers to provide quality cherries for optimal price (People); By investing in current technologies and research to enable efficient and eco-friendly processes (Planet); And through networking for sustainable holistic community development (Prosperity).

We blend both tradition and innovation to produce an exquisite range of single origin coffees.

We reduce our waste-water footprint on the planet through zero waste honey processing. We also offer complete traceability of our coffee, from farmer to community to buyer, with the logistics in place for guaranteed delivery.

Building on the coffee-growing heritage of generations, our social enterprise is rooted both in growing exceptional coffee and building on the hard work of parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Our "profit for a purpose" ethos means that we are committed to long-term relationships with our farming communities. This will be sustained through various trainings after the coffee season, aimed at facilitating dialogue to empower our partners to assess and plan for their broader development needs. Our vision is to facilitate health and productivity in the communities so that they can pursue activities (such as coffee farming) that can add value to their living standards.

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Highlands Region, Jiwaka Province, Anglimp/South Waghi

Electorate, Minj District, Kawil LLG, Papua New Guinea

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